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Student work at Tyler School of Art + Architecture

Art Direction: Thomas Uhlein and Scott Laserow


Skills: type design, layout, and packaging

Quirkle Display Typeface

Quirkle is a new funky typeface that can be used for bold branding, posters, and display type. The font includes upper and lowercase as well as some punctuation. The deliverables are one font, type specimen sheet, Instagram promotion, and ice cream packaging.  

quirkle specimen sheet


  • My approach to creating the typeface started with reading and studying the book Designing Type by Karen Cheng to understand the fundamentals of creating type. Then, I went through an exploration to find fonts that inspired me and that I felt drawn to. I quickly found myself drawn to organic typefaces full of personality, and I knew that was the feeling I wanted for mine. 
  • Once I knew what look I was going for, I started sketching letters like n, m, l, h, a, and t because they guide critical structural elements of the typeface. My sketch of the lowercase a is what inspired the rest of the letters. After the sketches, I went into Glyphs to digitize and clean up the letters I liked best. From that point on, I worked on each letter digitally, going back and forth to make sure everything looked cohesive. The end resulted in Quirkle–a modern funky display san serif typeface that has tall ascenders, dramatic ink traps, and funky contrasts.


These images are for Instagram stories to be used as promotional materials to introduce the typeface. Quirkle is complex, so the story is simple to make the typeface stand out.