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Student work at Tyler School of Art + Architecture

Art Direction: Caleb Heisey and Scott Laserow


Skills: branding and packaging

Miller’s Daughter Flour

This flour brand seeks to emerge as an exciting new choice amongst the boring industry leaders. Miller’s Daughter is not your grandmother’s flour brand because younger generations would rather support ethical companies that use better ingredients and more exciting branding. The brand identity includes a logo, color, and type system used in three flour types: all-purpose, whole wheat, and fine almond.


City of Pittsburgh Flag rebranding layout design identity


Miller’s Daughter is a flour brand for a newer generation that’s emerging as the working class and doesn’t have existing flour brand loyalties. They are looking for a simple, straightforward product that’s bold, refreshing, and honest. The limited color palette is reminiscent of other competitors yet updated. The dual-tone composition is a new look against the typical ribbon, circles, or use of one primary color.

Each type of flour gets its own color palette to help differentiate other kinds of flour easily. I chose the cotton-like packaging and sack shape to mimic old flour sacks in a modern way. The inky logo stamp treatment also supports this style, with each stamp placed differently on the types of flour to make it feel like an actual stamp.