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Skills: layout, illustration, strategy, copy, and production.


Whether you’re seeking the right school or a new place to live, Niche helps you find your perfect fit. During my tenure, I’ve had the privilege of working on nearly every aspect of the brand including support for B2B, B2C, and internal designs creating social media ads, email assets, printed materials, and merchandise

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College Fair Zine

I had the exciting opportunity to create a zine for a college fair, to reach students and engage them with our product. I collaborated closely with the brand team to develop the design and content, ensuring it resonated with our audience. From idea conception to execution, I oversaw the production, ensuring the zine embodied our brand and grabbed students’ attention with its fun, bold, and unique design in a typically boring industry.

Scholarships & Brand Awareness 

Every month, dozens of social media ads, email campaigns, and affiliate ads are utilized to promote scholarships and raise brand awareness, driving user registration. During my time with Niche, I spearheaded the rebranding of scholarships, aiming to create a unified visual identity across all platforms. The objective was to introduce a fresh, bold, and friendly style tailored to the Gen-Z audience, implemented through social media and email marketing efforts.

Collaborating closely with the growth marketing team, the rebranding initiative contributed to a 30% year-over-year increase in registrations. One of my primary objectives for both scholarships and brand ads was to establish a cohesive look that would make the brand easily recognizable to students, regardless of the platform or product being offered.

School Counselor

I created merchandise for welcome kits and conferences to be handed out to high school counselors as a way to spread brand awareness. I noticed that many existing supplies for educators were poorly designed or used overused script fonts. My aim for the kits was to create something exciting, fun, and practical.   


I’ve had the opportunity to work on my illustration skills at Niche for category images on the site, social media ads, and internal projects. My main goal was to bring moments of joy and to show unexpected visuals to sometimes mundane subjects.