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Student work at Tyler School of Art + Architecture

Art Direction: Caleb Heisey and Scott Laserow


Skills: branding, packaging, layout, and copy 

Kiwi Lifestyle Brand

Kiwi–Live in Color is a lifestyle brand that seeks to provide colorful quality products made sustainably by local artisans and ethical factories. With color as the most important aspect of Kiwi, the brand deliverables include brand identity (logos, color, and type), strategy, an Instagram campaign, perfume, and socks.


kiwi lead


It’s essential for the brand to be open about business practices while still being fun, colorful, and cheeky. Kiwi is an open-ended name that invites a bright and refreshing tone, as does the logotype. The brand colors are bright because the product line is always colorful. The typography is playful, and the brand images are clean and bright. Kiwi seeks to bring together a community of color lovers in a world of trendy muted color palettes and minimalism.


Kiwi aims to attract young millennials and older gen-z professionals who care about the environment, quality goods and want brands to work for their money. They care about companies being honest and upfront about their business practices and products. This group is willing to spend money on better quality goods even if they cost more as long they believe in its message. These individuals are also interested in being a part of a unique shared experience with a sense of community. Companies that donate profits are important to this group. So, performative marketing will not sway them and may cause this group to refrain from making purchases.


These images are intended to be an Instagram carousel post on Kiwi’s feed. Social media is crucial to any brand, but especially a lifestyle brand. It was important to make these designs unique and unlike a template because that’s what many other brands are doing.