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Student work at Tyler School of Art + Architecture

Art Direction: Caleb Heisey and Scott Laserow


Skills: branding and layout 

City of Pittsburgh Flag

Pittsburgh is a great city full of history, innovation, and friendly yinzers, but their current flag is terribly designed. It doesn’t showcase any of the character of the 412. This rebranding includes a fun and progressive flag, banners, stationery, postcards, and merchandise.


City of Pittsburgh Flag rebranding layout design identity

Ideas & Sketches

The first part of the rebrand started with listing anything related to Pittsburgh to get ideas for the flag. Even though I grew up in Pittsburgh, I found my actual Pittsburgh history lacking, so after some research, I learned that Pittsburgh has more bridges than any other city in the world! This research led me to the main idea for the flag: the Ft. Pitt Bridge.


current Pittsburgh flag

The current Pittsburgh flag.

Final flag

The new Pittsburgh flag is exciting and straightforward. The color palette features black and gold which embodies the city’s past and present. The three blue steel marks represent the city’s steel city history and the three rivers that meet at the city’s Pointe. The main symbol is the iconic Fort Pitt Bridge that leads you to the grand reveal of the city after passing through the Fort Pitt Tunnel. Anyone familiar with Pittsburgh will instantly recognize what this flag represents.